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Custer S.P.
Custer S.P.34 x angesehen
Beginn Granite Road
Beginn Granite Road9 x angesehen
Granite Road
Granite Road9 x angesehen
Yosemite - purer Granit
Yosemite - purer Granit24 x angesehen
Kancamagus Hwy Lower Falls Streifen im Granit
Kancamagus Hwy Lower Falls Streifen im Granit3 x angesehen

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Pothole Dome Granitfalte
Pothole Dome Granitfalte2 x angesehen
Incline Railway-Royal George Bridge
Incline Railway-Royal George Bridge20 x angesehenDie steilste Eisenbahn der Welt
Built in 1931, and traveling at a 45-degree angle, the world's steepest Incline Railway is still considered one of the most difficult structures ever built. Here, timeless granite walls loom all around as you descend over 1,500 feet to the canyon floor, a mere 50 feet at its widest. Looking up, the Bridge appears as a delicate ribbon cutting across the sky.
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